Our advantage

ARAH Waste Management Process

Why Choose ARAH


With complete permits covering the entire waste management process, starting from the transportation side, collection and processing, You get more assurance that your waste is handled safely according to existing laws and regulations which are the Government standards.
We are licensed to manage more than 90 waste type.


With capacity waste treatment facilities 28 tons/day that we have in Polokarto district, Sukoharjo district, province of Central Java, You can more easily monitor your waste handling from the collection process, transportation and processing at our facility.
In addition to processing facilities, we have several collection facilities equipped with containers and cold storage. Cold storage can store waste longer so that we can arrange customer transportation schedules more efficiently and as needed.

Monitoring Waste Handling With GPS and CCTV

In monitoring the handling of lime, we equip our entire fleet with GPS devices. Door status and duration of door open are included in GPS monitoring. Our trucks are also equipped with door cameras that take pictures every one minute at intervals while the door is open. Apart from GPS, Our collection and processing facilities are equipped with CCTV which is monitored directly by the head office.


Our commitment is to deliver waste transport on schedule and transparently, so that you can carry out your waste management planning properly and comfortably with the collection process according to K3 standards. 99% The shipping we do is according to schedule. Our trucks and all of our facilities are licensed and regularly inspected. If you need an additional schedule for waste transportation, Our fleet is ready to serve those needs.


If you do not understand how to identify and sort waste and how to properly store and pack waste in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, we provide training so you and your team can do it right and safely. The training we can provide is not just waste handling in the field but more than that both in terms of the use of technology determined by regulations such as festronics and other reporting management training..


We are structured and consistently produce superior and professional human resources in carrying out their duties by providing training, supervision and assistance in fields such as B3, safety driving, HSE/K3, ISO/OHSAS, and others. The training that we provide is all carried out by organizations or individuals who are certified by related bodies, such as training for B3 drivers certified by the Ministry of Transportation, certified quality management training Jas-Anz, one of the world's certification bodies, Occupational safety and HSE training certified by the Ministry of Manpower, festronic training where we work closely with the Ministry of Environment, and other trainings. Our team is also ready to respond quickly to customer inquiries and requests.

Our advantage

Medical Waste Treatment Facility
One of our strengths is that we have our own sewage treatment facility

  • Processing facility in Polokarto, Central Java which consists of three incinerators with a total capacity 28 tons per day.
  • Using a wet scrubbing system to absorb and neutralize emissions.
  • The emission results have been tested and certified by the Ministry of Environment.
  • The incineration facility has a comprehensive and integrated SOP that prioritizes worker and environmental safety.
  • Environmental Health and Safety training is held regularly to ensure safe work standards and according to government regulations.
  • ARAH is conducting trials of autoclave non-incineration waste treatment technology originating from Australia. This technology is a safe waste treatment method because it does not require an air pollution control system.


Another advantage of us is that we can manage our logistics services efficiently and according to our customer service commitments

  • ARAH logistics services use efficient superior technology, environmentally friendly, and have served 3.700 more customers in Indonesia.
  • Arah has cold storage containers that are able to store waste longer, thereby increasing efficiency in transporting waste and facilitating customer flexibility in arranging lifting schedules.
  • The trucks and all of Arah's facilities are licensed and regularly inspected.
  • Our drivers have gone through special training especially for the transport of B3 waste.
  • Our truck fleet has a GPS system and door camera sensors so that every truck door opening activity will be documented by a camera to keep our customers safe..

Human Resources
We are fully aware that maximum service and compliance with regulations can only be realized by trained and reliable human resources.

Therefore, we provide training, structured and consistent supervision and assistance so that our human resources are superior and professional in carrying out their duties. The training is carried out by an organization/individual certified by the relevant body, as:

  • B3 driver training, Certified by the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Quality management training, certified by JAS-ANZ, one of the world's certification bodies.
  • Occupational safety and HSE training, certified by the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Festronic Training, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.