Medical B3 Waste

One Stop Service For Medical Waste and Drug Disposal


With our experience of more than 10 years in managing medical waste, we are ready to serve the transportation of COVID-19 waste safely and reliably.

We provide COVID-19 waste transport services for companies conducting rapid tests for their staff and for COVID-19 testing facilities. We are also ready to serve additional transportation for our customers if needed.

Our services prioritize safety and security in the transportation of COVID-19 waste. You can feel safe and comfortable with our COVID-19 waste transportation services.

We are present in various cities in Sumatra, Java and Bali. Good for health facilities, clinics and on-site testing, our team can be mobilized immediately to meet your COVID-19 waste transportation needs.


Entrust your medical B3 waste to Arah. We are experienced and trusted medical B3 waste processors. We always maintain the quality of scheduled transportation services according to our commitment. We process medical B3 waste in processing facilities licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Our integrated services provide security and convenience for your business.

We offer services for healthcare facilities of different scales and types. Our customers are diverse, starting from local government hospitals that have a large volume of waste, to medical practice, drugstore, and beauty clinics with minimal waste volume. We provide assurance of a definite pick-up schedule so that our customers can plan their activities. We are ready to help customers who require additional pickup.

Our incinerator facility in Polokarto uses the system wet scrubbing to absorb and neutralize emissions, the results of which have been tested and certified by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. We create comprehensive and integrated SOPs that prioritize worker and environmental safety. K3 training is held regularly to ensure safe work standards and according to government regulations. have the capacity to process 28 tonnes of waste per day. We can also provide training for customers on how to sort, Store and pack medical waste properly.


Responsible handling of waste drugs and expired pharmaceutical products is important for the safety of your business, society and environment. Through our service, It is certain that drug and pharmaceutical waste will not re-enter the market, community, or environment.


We provide waste storage facilities such as, wheelie bin and safety box for customers who need it.

Many businesses must consider the impact of their operations on the environment. With the facilities we have and our processing partners, we also provide refrigerated freezers (chest freezer) for customers in need. This is intended so that the storage of medical waste in customers' TPS is in accordance with PERMEN KLH regulations 56 year 2012 on medical waste and accreditation. through this facility, We hope that our service to customers will further provide comfort for customers.

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