B3 Waste for Commercial Facilities

Comprehensive service for commercial complexes, building, school, shop, distributors and industry

For commercial complexes and buildings

ARAH provides solutions in handling B3 waste generated by commercial facilities, such as industrial areas, office building, mal, apartment, hotel, etc. We provide services starting from packaging, transportation, up to processing in a licensed B3 waste processing facility from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. ARAH is also ready to place reliable human resources in the Temporary Storage (TPS) B3 waste produces B3 waste to make it easier for customers to manage B3 waste.

The types of B3 waste that are usually generated include electronic waste (e-waste), used battery, used battery, used lamp, and others.

Through Ecoprime, we provide a variety of solutions for handling your B3 waste, particularly those produced by commercial means. Starting from the packaging and transportation of B3 waste, consultation regarding the construction and licensing of hazardous waste TPS, consultation on waste reporting (RKL/RPL and UKL/UPL), to the placement of HR at your place of business when needed.

By entrusting the handling of B3 waste to us, You have :

  • carry out the processing of your B3 waste in accordance with regulations;
  • improve the position of your business to be environmentally friendly;
  • reduce the risk of contamination in your business environment;
  • and actively participate in environmental preservation.

For school, shop, and office

We invite you to participate in helping to handle waste around us. The first thing to do is sort waste by type. By subscribing to Ecobasic, we will transport the waste regularly and you can get Ecobox – namely the 4-in-1 container to sort four types of waste: battery, e-waste, lamp, and ink/toner. Easy segregation will increase your success in any waste management program for the environment.

B3 services for distributors and industry

We are licensed to manage more than 90 type of B3 waste. With these advantages, we can help you and be the solution to your waste management needs. In B3 waste management, we partner with leading processors in Indonesia. Your waste will be properly treated and you will earn manifest as proof of waste management.

Guide to Types of Waste

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